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Comprehensive Billing Services:
  • Billing In the ever-changing world of healthcare, enormous pressure is placed on Home Health Agencies to keep up with new reimbursement regulations, guidelines, payer reforms, technical requirements, electronic claims submission, authorizations and a host of other related challenges.
  • At Tynet Billing Solutions Inc., our thorough knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid and other third party insurance payers combined with an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Home Health Agency operations allows us to deliver superior outsourced billing services to our clients. Our experts are rigorously trained and certified in their areas of specialty. We deploy advanced and state-of-the-art technology resources to process electronic claims and keep our clients ahead of their competition. We want our clients to focus on patient care while we take care of their billing needs.
  • Every client is assigned an account manager to supervise their claims processing activities. Having an account manager offers our clients the peace of mind they need because they know they can talk to a real person about their claims if they have concerns. Our goal is to make sure your billing is done in a simple, efficient, yet cost effective manner so that your business is able to exceed the expectations of today.s Home Care Industry.
  • Unlike other Billing Companies, our billing services are affordable. Our efficient process allows us to provide services at prices that cannot be matched by our competitors. Hundreds of clients utilize Tynet Billing Solutions Inc. to provide services for their Agencies. Our account managers enable us to provide professional services in a personable way. We want each client to feel like they are the only client. We provide the following services to clients.
  • Tynet Billing Solutions Inc. is the HIPAA-compliant healthcare and health plans claim processing arm of Tynet-USA. Since 2006, we offer medical billing & total healthcare back office solutions to hundreds of Home health agencies, Hospices, Therapy companies, family practices, clinics, hospitals & other billing companies.We are a leading national medical billing and training company with over 6 years experience that has set itself apart in this highly competitive industry by offering all your billing and revenue recovery services. Click here to fill out our contact form

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  • A vital part of the medical billing process is the scrutiny and verification of the patient's eligibility and benefits before and after the treatmen
  • Tynet Billing Solutions Inc check with the insurance company regarding any payment responsibility the patient needs to fulfill prior or post the treatment. Our teams of expert telecallers carry out this verification process for you
  • Developing a Home Exercise Programs for Patient
  • The details that the Tynet Billing Solutions Inc team verifies include:
  • Effective date and coverage details
  • Type of plan
  • Payable benefits
  • Co-pay
  • Deductibles
  • Co-insurance
  • Claims mailing address
  • Referrals & pre-authorizations
  • Pre-existing clause
  • Life time maximum
  • This information is collected and verified before the provider admittance date as it helps in getting referrals, prior authorization numbers, and optimizing the billing process, as well as preventing denials due to invalid benefits and eligibility reasons.
  • Once the verification process is completed and the patient visits the healthcare provider, treatments plans are thus established
For Further Info, please call Tynet Billing Solutions at 817-795-2800.
  • Delayed payments and unsettled claims are areas that need special attention due to the strain they put on the healthcare providers' revenue
  • With Tynet Billing solutions systematic account receivables and follow up process, you can look forward to accurate and faster payments. Tynet Account Receivables Reconciliation Services:
  • Articulation and Pronunciation Exercises
  • Running insurance reports and identifying claims
  • AR calls by trained analysts
  • Slotting the claims based on due time, on which our follow up VeeBill team acts
  • Follow up on pending claims
  • Identify the grounds for claims denials
  • Appropriate action is taken wherever clarification or additional documentation is required for each account.
  • Track down outstanding receivable balances
  • Information is compiled and sent to the client
  • Follow up team handles payment posting of all checks coming in from insurance companies
  • Results in the clients getting paid more and much faster
For Further Info, please call Tynet Billing Solutions at 817-795-2800.
  • It’s Like a Treasure Hunt finding lost revenue – but Tynet Billing Solutions Inc. has become Masters at finding the billing treasures of your business.
  • Tynet Billing Solutions Inc. has performed audits/revenue recoveries nationwide. Esther Horner, CEO and President states “We’ve performed over 100 audits/revenue recoveries nationwide and our success rate is 100% in finding un-collected money in audits/revenue recoveries. Esther Horner is known as the lady who always finds lost money. She has collected over $650,000 in a single audit
  • It’s an Easy and Painless Process, but a Very Profitable Activity. In fact, You Can’t Lose. Not only do we find the money, we identify areas in need of improvement in your billing process when we submit our written report to you
  • Our Audit process doesn’t disrupt your office or staff. In fact, your staff won’t even know we are doing an audit until you get the results with the new age of technology.
  • It’s a simple as:

    Complete Audit Request Form Below if you would like a personal call from our Marketing Staff: If you are ready to sign up to have your no upfront expense audit (download links provided below) to receive and sign Tynet Billing Solutions Inc.'s Contract and other required documents. Complete Audit Request Form Below if you would like a personal call from our Marketing Staff: If you are ready to sign up to have your no upfront expense audit (download links provided below) to receive and sign Tynet Billing Solutions Inc.'s Contract and other required documents..
  • Now is the time to act – downloads below to begin the process or call Tynet Billing Solutions Inc. at 1.877.558.9638 to speak with our staff for your revenue recovery/audit
For Further Info, please call Tynet Billing Solutions at 817-795-2800.
  • While some of our competitor companies pay lip service to coding, their core business interests lie elsewhere. But at Tynet, we’ve proven ourselves committed to coding. Since 2006, Here’s why: we are highly regarded by others:
  • Tynet has credentialed, experienced coders. We work with only certified coders who have a minimum of three years’ experience. And we constantly work with them to improve their productivity.
  • Tynet’s coding process makes coding better and faster. Combining streamlined workflow and technology, we offer quick coding turnarounds and guarantee our coding quality
  • Tynet can help you save costs and enhance revenue. We help you save on the hidden costs of coding and promote better revenue through better workflow and quality. Tynet makes it easy for you to get started with us and to manage our work.
  • Our coding system handles paper or electronic medical records or any combination of both. Our credentialed coders instantly access your medical documentation and patient information through our cloud-delivered system. We assign our coders to you by medical specialty. Our Coders validates your coding specs. The coders checks coding against all national and local coding rules, as well as your medicare agency specific organizational coding policies and guidelines.
  • All coding receives a final review on an ongoing basis by our QA department. During this QA process, we measure and assess individual coder performance and overall customer quality.
  • We complete your coding results within 48 hours; many specialties deliver results within 24 hours. We then securely transfer your results to your Tynetonline Oasis system or deliver you real-time reports(paper). We also securely host your documentation in our HIPAA-compliant data center for a minimum of 2 years as part of our basic service.
For Further Info, please call Tynet Billing Solutions at 817-795-2800.
  • Is a simplified billing process that allows mass immunizers to submit one claim with a list of the members they immunized. Mass immunizers must meet Original Medicare requirements in order to use the roster billing method.
  • A mass immunizer is defined as any entity that gives the influenza virus vaccine or pneumococcal vaccine to a group of beneficiaries. A mass immunizer may be a traditional Medicare provider or supplier or a nontraditional one (such as a senior citizen’s center, a public health clinic, shopping malls, grocery stores, or community pharmacy).
  • Roster Claim filing procedure:
  • The simplified (roster) claims filing procedure applies to providers other than RHCs and FQHCs that conduct mass immunizations. Since independent and provider based RHCs and FQHCs do not submit individual Form CMS-1450 for the influenza virus vaccine, they do not utilize the simplified billing process. Instead, payment is made for the vaccine at the time of cost settlement.
  • The simplified process involves use of the provider billing form (Form CMS-1450) with preprinted standardized information relative to the provider and the benefit. Mass immunizers attach a standard roster to a single pre-printed Form CMS-1450 that contains the variable claims information regarding the service provider and individual beneficiaries.
  • Place of service for Roster billing:
  • State or Local Public Health Clinic must use POS code 71 (Public Health Clinic)
  • POS 71 is not used for individual offices / entities other than PHCs (e.g., a mobile unit that is non-PHC affiliated should use POS 99
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Why Choose Tynet Billing Solutions?:
  • If Your Practice/Agency is working harder than your reimbursements show?
  • If your Practice/Agency working hard yet struggling to meet payroll?
  • If you suspect that you are not being paid enough?
  • If you are not certain if your billing company processes all your claims?
  • If Your remittance advices show a lot of take-backs.
  • If your claims are being denied, rejected or canceled?
  • If HMOs or other private Insurance companies holding your are payments?
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personal-careMore Reasons to employ our billing services:

  • Allows more time for individualized patient/client care
  • Ensures that you maximize your reimbusement
  • Staff can be better utilized for revenue generating tasks
  • Elimination of cost of living raises and overtime pay
  • Enjoy hassle-free billing remotely from your office
  • If you‘re a new Provider/Physician/Agency
  • If you have hired a new biller
  • You have had 2 or more billers within a year's time
For Further Info, please call Tynet Billing Solutions at 817-795-2800.

Let us help - short or long term, regardless of your software provider

Many of our competitors will take your data offline into their office, we are open and flexible. Is your Billers off for vacation, illness or just feeling overwhelmed? Do you have a backup biller or someone to ask questions? Give us a call! Have us there for when you need us

Some of the Payer We Submit To (500+ Total):


(Patients with out of network benefits)


(Patients with in/out of network benefits)


( All Patients with medicare )



Molina Advantage

(Patients with out of network benefits)

Modern Medical

(Patients with in/out of network benefits)


( All Patients with Private pay )



Procura Management

(All Patients with in network benefits)


(Patients with in/out of network benefits)

Texas Medicaid

( All Patients with texas Medicaid )

Improve your Cash Flow / Reduce your A/R.

Complete billing of all pay types – Medicare A & B, Medicare Advantage Plans, Insurance, Private, VA, Hospice, Medicaid… follow up and adjustments.
We also can do account audits, Medicaid applications, or any combination of the above that will most benefit you. We specialize in long term care and home health